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Beth Stelter  started her fascination with celebrities when she was only 4 years old. Her first heartthrob was an actor named Gardner MacKay. Throughout her life she was studying Hollywood and becoming a natural of the industry without knowing where it might take her. She knew information about everything Hollywood and would answer any question family and friends would pose to her.
She started in theatre working with local actors, publicity and promotions. She produced several productions, including "The Rocky Horror Show", "Jesus Christ Superstar" and "Fame", to name a few.
She started attending celebrity conventions and meeting some of the classic movie and television personalities. She was Julie Newmar and Bruce Dern's assistant at the shows. She also assisted Michael Berryman and Ken Horn at a horror convention.
She was approached by a horror celebrity to become his manager in the field she was always meant to be part of. Now she has clients she sets up conventions and other venues they attend throughout the year. She also researches, promotes and publicize anything Hollywood.  So if  you have a question about Hollywood and the industry, Ask Beth!
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Sal Lizard Sal Lizard

Sean Kenney Sean Kenney

Sean’s Bio...
Sal Lizard
Sal Lizard was born in Franklin, Kentucky and grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana. He is the oldest of seven siblings with one brother and five sisters.
Sal loves to sail and would like to live aboard a sailboat. He loves to travel and act. He has very diverse interests and is a "renaissance man". Sal has worked many different positions in his life which were fulfilling enough until he started acting. He is both an avid  fan and actor of Sci-Fi and Horror movies. He served a three year term as president and chairman of the board for Star-fleet, the International Star Trek Association.
Sal as an actor/comic/producer has been in several dozen films (mostly Indies and mostly horror genre) and recently produced his first.  Sal has made appearances at the Famous Monsters of Filmland (Indianapolis), Horrorhound (Indianapolis and Columbus, OH), Days of the Dead (Indianapolis), Pittsburgh Horror Film Fest (Pittsburgh),  the Darkwoods Horror Con (Pikesville, KY),  SCARE-A-CUSE (Syracuse, NY) ScareFest (Lexington, KY), Con-tamination (St Louis, MO), Dead of Winter Con (London, KY), Mysti-Con (Roanoke, VA), Sci-Fi in the Valley (Ebinsburg, PA) and the Fright Night Fest (Louisville, KY).  Sal has made several appearances at the Cinema Wasteland (Cleveland area) and the Halloween Horror Expo (near Youngstown) over the past several years, too.
Since 2003, Sal has appeared in over three dozen movies, which included playing three different zombies as well as “Dr. Scott Shannon” in Richard Griffin’s FEEDING THE MASSES (2004). He has also appeared in CREATURE FROM THE HILLBILLY LAGOON (2005), ABE'S TOMB (2007), I AM LEGEND (2007), HILLBILLY BOB: ZOMBIE (2009), THE BOX (2009) and HOOKED (2011) to name but a few. Last year, he produced the haunted house film, NEXT DOOR (2010), with Lynn Lowry, and will be producing "THE LAST EXIT" and "LONGWOOD" in 2012. Several years ago, while living in Southern Ohio, Sal created “Abner Zombie: the Standup Comedy Zombie... and part time gravedigger” while working at a haunted Halloween attraction; telling jokes to visitors of the Gates of Terror. He is also a professional Santa who typically appears as "the Vampire Santa" for photo ops on Saturday for the fans.

To have Mr. Lizard appear at your venue, contact his manager Beth Stelter at Lachic58@yahoo.com

Check out Sal’s book “Being Santa Claus”:
A veteran Santa reveals heartwarming true stories and lessons from his twenty-year career spreading Christmas magic. With the holiday shopping season beginning earlier each year, more than ever Americans are struggling to remember the true meaning of Christmas. Who better to deliver the gift of Christmas inspiration than a man who has spent the last two decades playing Santa? In Being Santa Claus Sal reflects on his experiences with both children and adults including.
“Being Santa Claus” is available online at Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble
Sal Lizard's Photo Sal Lizard as Vampire Santa Sal Lizard as Vampire Santa Taking a Bite
Sean Kenney
Sean Kenney's acting abilities began in his early 20's. He decided to consider an acting career in Hollywood. In 1965, Los Angeles was a wonderful mix of trend setting television, imaginative theatre, and experimental independent films. The climate and opportunities were perfect for Sean to display his abilities.
He studied with Charles Conrad and read for Paul Leavitt at the Gallery Theatre in Hollywood.  He was given a small role in Ralph Hocuth's play, "The Deputy" and eventually scored the lead role.  One night, an agent caught his performance and offered to manage him. He proposed a meeting with Gene Roddenberry for a possible role on a little known series called Star Trek.
He met with Gene Roddenberry, who was looking for the right actor to portray an important role in the pilot episode of the Star Trek series. Mr. Roddenberry gave Sean the role of Captain Pike in "The Menagerie" which is considered one of the most popular episodes of the series.
Sean Kenney is best known for this role in Star Trek as the crippled Christopher Pike  (the healthy Pike was played by Jeffrey Hunter), and as Lieutenant DePaul in "Arena" and “A Taste of Armageddon”.
After his roles on Star Trek and a few other small parts, including his first bit part in “The Impossible Years”(1968), Kenney featured in several films beginning with “How’s Your Love Life”(1971), “The Corpse Grinders” (1972), “Terminal Island” (1973), and continuing until “Slumber Party ’57” (1976), which is his final film to date.

To have Mr. Kenney appear at your venue, contact his manager Beth Stelter at Lachic58@yahoo.com

Check out Sean’s book “Captain Pike Found Alive
Actor Sean Kenney who played the crippled Capt. Pike and Lt. DePaul, on the original Star Trek TV series, shares his memories of the early days of Star Trek on the set of the Enterprise.  Sean's memoir details an exciting life in Hollywood as a noted actor in the 60's and 70's. From Gene Roddenberry's office to the Playboy mansion, Sean gives an interesting taste and feel of that era.
“Captain Pike Found Alive” is available online at Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble
Sean Kenney's Photo Sean Kenney as Captain Pike Sean Kenney as Lt. DePaul
George P. Wilbur
George P. Wilbur is a veteran stuntman whose horror stardom came with playing the role of Michael Myers in “Halloween 4”. His career spans almost 40 years and is not limited to the Halloween franchise including such memorable films as: “The Silence of the Lambs”, “A Nightmare on Elm Street: The Dream Child”, “Poltergeist”, “Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan”, “Total Recall”, and “Planet of the Apes” to name a few.
After completing a 4 year tour of duty in the Navy, George became a wrangler at a dude ranch in Arizona where in 1966, “El Dorado” was being filmed. George played a cowboy extra and a stand-in for Mr. John Wayne. After experiencing his first time in the stunt business, he decided to enroll in a stunt school. He honed his skills and had the opportunity to introduce and become Peter Graves stunt double on the series, “Mission Impossible”.
In 1972, George became a member of the Stuntmen’s Association where he met Fred Lerner, Halloween 4’s stunt coordinator, where he introduced him to the producers of the movie. They were looking for a larger, taller and more daunting Michael Myers. George fit the bill and played Michael Myers in 4, 5, and 6 in the Halloween franchise.

To have Mr. Wilbur appear at your venue, contact his manager Beth Stelter at Lachic58@yahoo.com

George P. Wilbur George P. Wilbur


George’s Bio...
George P. Wilbur George/Michael
George P. Wilbur as Michael Meyers

Gary Conway Gary Conway


Gary’s Bio...
Gary Conway
While Gary Conway was attending UCLA as an art and drama student, he was spotted by a scout and landed a contract with Warner Brothers. He was featured in “Maverick” and “Sunset Strip” and most other Warner shows of that era.
He starred in cult movies such as “I Was a Teenage Frankenstein” and “How to Make a Monster”. He also appeared in regional theatre and Broadway productions at this period of time.
It was television that lead him to celebrity status, having a starring role in the TV series, “Burke’s Law”. While working on this classic show, he had the opportunity to work with such legendary stars as Mary Astor, Bette Davis and Gloria Swanson to name a few.
He continued his television success starring in the most successful television program ever produced, “Land of the Giants”. It is still popular with devoted fans around the world with clubs and societies. It was the number one show recently on channel Four in England. Gary participated in a special commemorating the series incredible accomplishment and fan following.
Besides starring in many episodic television shows, he has production credits in “The Farmer”, “Black Gunn” and “Once is Not Enough”. He wrote the successful series, “American Ninja”.
While filming “Land of the Giants”, Gary found a ranch he knew he was destined to own. It became his home, winery and inspiration of his art accomplishments. The winery, Carmody McKnight, is one of the most revered in California.  His book, “Art of the Vineyard” showcases his landscapes, which received overwhelming praise.
Gary has written and directed the film, “Woman’s Story”, which is a film as much as his extension of his painting with a vital social message. The film supplied much needed funds and awareness to the community’s organizations, schools and museums with exciting premiere events.
Gary continues his passions along with developing new projects both network and online. He appears at conventions and other venues around the country.

Website for Carmody McKnight Estate Vineyards: www.carmodymcknight.com  

To have Mr. Conway appear at your venue, contact his manager Beth Stelter at Lachic58@yahoo.com
Gary Conway as Captain Steve Burton in Land of the Giants Gary Conway as Bob/Teenage Frankenstein in I Was a Teenage Frankenstein ©2018 
Gary Conway as Detective Tim Tilson in Burke's Law
©2018 Hollywood Stats    

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Porky’s Porky's Trilogy


Cast Bio...
Porky’s Trilogy
Porky's is a 1982 Canadian-American sex comedy film about the escapades of teenagers at the fictional Angel Beach High School in Florida in 1954. It is based on actual events of the director’s experiences growing up. Even though it has many other poignant messages throughout the story, it is known most for specific scenes. Released in the United States in 1982 with an R rating, the film spawned two sequels: Porky's II: The Next Day (1983), and Porky's Revenge! (1985) and influenced many writers in the teen film genre.
Despite generally negative critical reception and claims of the film being misogynistic, Porky's was a box office success. Actors and actresses involved in the production are pleased to be part of this groundbreaking film. Many years later, twelve year old boys still search it out for their first experience with the opposite sex.

See all Porky’s Cast credits…

To have the Porky’s Cast or any part of the cast appear at your venue, contact their manager Beth Stelter at Lachic58@yahoo.com
Porky's Porky's II The Next Day

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Porky's Revenge

Other Clients

Jim Youngs

Other Clients

Jim Youngs

To have Mr. Youngs appear at your venue, contact his manager Beth Stelter at Lachic58@yahoo.com

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Gremlina (Sandy Manley)
Gremlina (real name Sandy Manley) is a big fan of wrestling, comics, the paranormal, horror and Sci Fi and toys, her love of Professional Wrestling drew her to GLOW -The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling -
Auditioned, was hired -relocated to Las Vegas for training and filming the show. Was trained by Ninotchka as was all Season 3 girls, A knee injury made her cut short her stay in G.L.O.W, Toured with G.L.O.W in 1988 in North and South Carolina, Georgia Louisiana Mississippi Alabama and Tennessee, after tour left GLOW, did one wrestling  match for the Virginia Independent Virginia Championship Wrestling, as Belladonna against Cowgirl Rustee the Fox Thomas, Reunited with the GLOW Girl.
Gremlina has co-hosted 3 years an internet radio show on blog talk radio, called Cloverleaf Radio. Gremlina has been on the following TV shows G.L.O.W, ABC Prime Time Live and Storm Stories.
June 2011 amidst great controversy Gremlina became Commission of Vanguard Championship Wrestling (VCW) a local Independent in the Hampton Roads Virginia area and since joining VCW and was honored to be a guest on Piper's Pit when Roddy Piper made a guest appearance in VCW Dec 2011. Was relieved of the Position of Commissioner in June 2012, obtained a managers license from the VCW board and spent the remainder of 2012 scouting the VCW roster and have acquired 2 fantastic wresters in VCW -Mugabi the Cannibal and Krotch.

To have Ms. Manley appear at your venue, contact his manager Beth Stelter at Lachic58@yahoo.com

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Gremlina Sandy Manley